Geometry of Cyprus
“There is nothing more beautiful than life by the sea. There is nothing more fleeing than life by the sea.”
Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is all about salty air, strong wind, and colorful village landscapes. It’s where you find date palms instead of familiar lindens and birches, and modern geometric architecture instead of high-rise buildings. In March, Cyprys is practically empty which makes embankments an inviting target for long plein airs, and locals lift your spirits with their smiles and small talks.
Bright rays of the sun penetrate the dense foliage of the palm trees, creating whimsical shapes on the walls and rooftops. Watercolor sketches quickly dry in the hot sun. These comfortable conditions allowed me to immerse in the atmosphere of a southern city and analyze the composition of each work. The abstract background and geometric shapes of architectural structures create an avant-garde narrative.